Juice Plus+ Review

What may be the most researched supplement on the planet?

Posted by Jeffrey Benson on July 10, 2016

Our family’s journey with Juice Plus+ began several years ago when our pediatrician and his wife shared the product with us. Our family's pediatrician is generally skeptical of any type of supplements. But another Medical Doctor told him about Juice Plus+ and gave him copies of some of the clinic studies that had been performed on the product. After reading those studies, our pediatrician gave Juice Plus+ to his family and started recommending it to patients.

Because we already enjoyed juicing fruits and vegetables and believed in the importance of whole food nutrition, it really was an easy product for us to love. We studied the product and then chose to take it as a family - all six of us - and we are so glad that we did. We absolutely know that our family's health is better and our immune systems stronger than they were before we started taking Juice Plus+.

In this article we will answer questions such as: What is Juice Plus+? How do they make Juice Plus+? How can we trust in the safety and efficacy of Juice Plus+? Why might Juice Plus+ be the most researched supplement on the planet? What does the research suggest? What do some experts in the medical and nutritional fields say?

Along the way we may refer to scientific elements, such as the role that phytonutrients play in combating oxidative stress, and how we benefit from phytonutrients with whole food nutrition, but the more in depth aspects of these insights we will leave for experts to explain to us.

What is Juice Plus+?

Juice Plus+ is not a substitute for eating fruits and vegetables

The manufacturers like to say that Juice Plus+ is the Next Best Thing To Fruits and Vegetables. That is a really important distinction, because Juice Plus+ is not a replacement for eating fruits and vegetables.

You should not simply consume this product and then say to yourself you have completely satisfied your daily requirements for fruits and vegetables. We will explain the powerful role Juice Plus+ can play in your diet and how this can contribute toward a healthier you, but we need to clear the air first. Juice Plus+ is not a substitute for eating fruits and vegetables.

Why not? you might ask. During the manufacturing process the water and the fiber elements of Juice Plus+ are removed, leaving the essential nutrients such as the vitamins and phytonutrients. This does make Juice Plus+ an excellent product, which we will explain later in this article, but we also need the fiber and water benefits from eating fruits and vegetables.

In addition, most diets or diet recommendations that include eating fruits and vegetables often recommend consuming many more servings a day than most of us are able to consume. For example, the USDA updated their recommendation to suggest one half of our plate at every meal should be fruits and vegetables. See www.choosemyplate.gov. It is expensive and time consuming to purchase, clean, prepare, and then finally consume lots of fruits and vegetables every day.

So Juice Plus+ helps us bridge the gap between how many servings of fruits and vegetables we do eat and how many servings we should eat. Juice Plus+ is meant to be additive rather than a substitute for the wholesome goodness of fruits and vegetables.

Juice Plus+ is not a traditional vitamin

Juice Plus+ has a Nutrition Facts label, just like food, not a supplement label, like a dietary supplement (see the labels below). Though not a vitamin, Juice Plus+ is loaded with vitamins as well as the other nutrients (such as phytonutrients which are antioxidants). Basically, the vitamins that are in fruits and vegetables are in Juice Plus+, in a similar way that you would receive those nutrients if you ate the whole foods or juiced the whole food fruits and vegetables and drank them.

Now that we have touched on what Juice Plus+ is not, let’s focus on what Juice Plus+ is.

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition

Juice Plus+ is made from 30 fruits and vegetables. They are first juiced, then a proprietary process is used to remove the water and fiber, which leaves the nutrients. These are dried and then broken down into a powder. This whole food juice powder is provided to you in capsules or chewable supplements. In our family, we occasionally open the capsules and put the powder directly into our favorite protein shake or whole food juice and drink them rather than swallowing them. Because it is food inside the capsules you can do this if you do not prefer to swallow the capsules.

So what is in Juice Plus+?

This image shows what fruits, vegetables, and grains are in each Juice Plus+ blend. Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition which means the products contain the naturally occuring nutrients and phytonutrients from the fruits, vegetables, and berries themselves. As shown, there are three blends, Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard.

This statement from benson.juiceplus.com also describes what Juice Plus+ is:

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day. Not a multivitamin, medicine, treatment or cure for any disease, Juice Plus+ is made from quality ingredients carefully monitored from farm to capsule to provide natural nutrients your body needs to be at its best.

The labels provided below are for the Juice Plus+ capsules. Our children eat the Juice Plus+ chewables (and they are delicious).

This is the Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend label.
This is the Juice Plus+ Garden Blend label.
This is the Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend label.
In order to view these labels, simply right click and choose to open the images in a new tab, and you will be able to read them.

It is very simple and cost effective to add Juice Plus+ to your diet

How is it simple? You do not have to purchase, clean, prepare, and consume these 30 fruits and vegetables that are included in Juice Plus+ every day. Juice Plus+ is a wonderful way to add to the servings of fruits and vegetables that you eat each day, and gives your body access to the nutrients, phytonutrients, and antioxidants in a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Including produce that may not be in season and readily available, or may not be your preference to eat!

How is it cost effective? Juice Plus+ provides access to nutrients, phytonutrients, including antioxidants, from 30 fruits and vegetables at a cost of ~$2.50 a day for all three blends. That's less than a cup of cappuccino at your favorite coffee shop, and a whole lot better for you.

Juice Plus+ is Convenient and Simple

Why do I need Juice Plus+?

For most people, lifestyles are very hectic and the schedules are very full. Whether it is balancing all the demands of an active family or working long hours away from the home, maintaining a balanced diet and consuming the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables can be challenging.

This statement from benson.juiceplus.com summarizes why a product like Juice Plus+ makes sense for most of us:

The current recommendation for a healthy diet is to fill half your plate at each meal with fruits and vegetables. But healthy eating takes time, planning, and can cost a lot of money. Most of us suffer from a daily fruit and vegetable consumption gap as a result. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Juice Plus+ products can help you fill that hole in your diet.

In our home we know there is a gap between how many fruits and vegetables we should eat and what we do eat, and we appreciate that Juice Plus+ helps us bridge that gap.

Juice Plus+ helps us Bridge The Gap between how many servings of fruits and vegetables we should eat and how many we actually eat.

How do they make Juice Plus+?

benson.juiceplus.com provides a nice overview of the manufacturing process. In summary, the manufacturing process begins with the farmers that grow the fresh fruits and vegetables that are then harvested, cleaned, juiced, and dried. They use the highest quality produce they can find, favoring midsize family farms run by some of the best fruit and vegetable farmers in North America. The company inspects their farming operations, including how they naturally control weeds and insects and handpick the ripe produce.

The juicing and drying facilities are located close to the farmers wherever possible, because fresh fruits and vegetables can lose some of their nutritional value when they are picked early and shipped long distances. If a farm is not close to the processing facilities, they employ a freezing technology to freeze the freshness in while the produce is being shipped.

Then they clean and juice the whole food, leaving seeds, peels, and leaves to preserve the greatest amount of whole food nutritional value. This is followed by a drying process which results in the juice powder. Finally, the powder is encapsulated, packaged, and shipped.

This brief video provides a really nice explanation of how Juice Plus+ is made.

This brief video explains how Juice Plus+ is made.

How do we know that what is on the label is inside the product?

Juice Plus+ is NSF certified by an independent organization. This certification involves careful testing by third party experts to ensure the natural purity of the finished products. This also involves regular audits and reviews of the manufacturing process as well as the finished products. Read more about this at benson.juiceplus.com.

What proof exists that Juice Plus+ is effective?

We really appreciate the fact that Juice Plus+ makes it easy to find the clinical research and the results. So often we see hundreds of products in the stores we shop at, but we have no idea if the products are really effective or not, or whether what is on the label is really inside the bottle. This is not a concern we have with Juice Plus+. In fact, if you want to read the clinical research results and abstracts yourself, you will find them at benson.juiceplus.com.

Thankfully with Juice Plus+ NSF certification and the great body of independent clinical research that exists, much of it published in over 20 prestigious medical and scientific journals, we can know that what we see on the label is what we are getting in the bottle, and that the product is in fact beneficial to our health.

Juice Plus+ results are extremely encouraging:

Bioavailability - Eighteen publications found significant increases in blood levels of antioxidants and other phytonutrients, showing that our bodies are absorbing the nutrients in Juice Plus+

Healthy Gums - One publication found Juice Plus+ can help improve gum health and reduce gum bleeding.

Heart Health - Nine publications found Juice Plus+ can help better maintain normal, healthy elasticity of arteries and produce positive effects on several other measures of vascular health.

Immune System - Four publications found Juice Plus+ supports key measures of immune system function in healthcare professionals with direct patient contact, in young law school students, in an elderly population, or in athletic men.

DNA - Four publications found the antioxidants from fruits and vegetables in Juice Plus+ can help maintain healthy DNA.

Oxidative Stress - Thirteen publications reported increassed levels of key antioxidants in the bloodstream after taking Juice Plus+.

Healthy Skin - Two publications show Juice Plus+ helps improve skin hydration, skin thickness, and circulation in skin capillaries.

Systemic Inflammation - Three publications show Juice Plus+ can support a healthy inflammatory response, with investigators at the University of South Carolina finding that Juice Plus+ significantly decreased levels of three biomarkers of inflammation.

Quality of Life - One publication found that Juice Plus+ paired with a low-fat, high-fiber diet, helps increase phytonutrients among ovarian cancer survivors.

Childhood Obesity - One publication showed Juice Plus+ can increase beta-carotene levels and decrease fat storage and improve insulin resistance in overweight boys aged six to ten years old.

Lung Health - One publication showed Juice Plus+ helps improve pulmonary functions, such as forced expiratory flow and diffusion capacity, among smokers.

What doctors and healthcare professionals recommend Juice Plus+ to their patients and clients?

There are over twenty video commendations by doctors and healthcare professionals at benson.juiceplus.com, and here's a list of who they are:

A personal story from Dr. Mitra Ray...

Dr. Mitra Ray shares her personal Juice Plus+ story.

For our family, we want to purchase products from brands we can trust. And we trust Juice Plus+ and the independent validations of the products effectiveness. We have supplemented with Juice Plus+ for many years and have seen excellent results in our family.

We recommend Juice Plus+ supplementation for the whole family. This product will surely deliver the promise of Healthier Products for a Healthier You!

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